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Clients who have very high transaction volume might encounter some SQL deadlock issues. In these cases, Aptify recommends using snapshot isolation to significantly reduce or eliminate database blocking issues in high-volume situations. The purpose of this topic is to provide information about how to configure the SQL Server transaction isolation level.  

Please read thoroughly.


It’s important to understand the implications of using this technique, which utilizes row-level isolation of data being updated in a transaction. One specific situation is inventory, where potentially stale inventory counts could be read if another transaction is in the process of updating that count. In the case of two transactions updating the same row at the same time, the second should fail and rollback, which would cause the transaction to have to be resubmitted. This technique should be tested thoroughly before being applied.


Perform this procedure to enable SQL Server snapshot isolation. Ensure that you understand the information in the Understanding SQL Server Snapshot Isolation Levels before going ahead and enabling snapshot isolation.