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  1. Enter the kit product in the Find Product link box.
  2. Enter the kit quantity to order.
    • The system multiplies the quantity for each sub-product by the number specified. For example, if a kit includes two units of Widget B and a user places an order for two units of the kit product, the Widget B order line will have a quantity of 4.
  3. Click Add.
    • By default, Aptify automatically collapses a kit product's sub-products when it is added to an order into a single top level order line for the kit product. However, an organization can automatically expand the sub-products if desired. See the discussion of the IsExpandKitProduct attribute in About Orders Entity Attributes for details.
    • A user can also toggle the Expand Kits option in the Aptify Desktop interface or click the Expand Kit/Collapse Kit button in the Aptify Web interface that appears in the Orders form's Lines area to expand and collapse the sub-products for an order's kits. 
      • See the example from the Aptify Desktop interface below. The first order line is for the kit product. Then, beneath the kit's order line appears one order line per sub-product in the kit. Note that the sub-product's order lines appear in light yellow. Each line automatically displays the correct quantity for each item included in the kit.
         Kit Order Lines Expanded in Aptify Desktop
  4. Modify the quantity, price, and/or discount for the kit's order line, if necessary.
    • When you update the quantity at the kit level, the quantity on the sub-product order lines update automatically.
    • Price and Discount information is only applicable at the kit level.
    • Note to delete a kit, delete the kit's order line. This removes all associated sub-product order lines.
  5. Specify the Order Line Details for the kit and its sub-products, as necessary.
    • See Specifying Order Line Details for details.
    • While the Price, Quantity, and Discount fields are only applicable to the kit order line, a user can specify other Order Line Details information for the kit's sub-product order lines. For example, one sub-product can be shipped to a different address than the rest of the order by specifying shipment information on the order line's Ship To tab.



      For a kit product containing a Meeting product or a Subscription product, modification to the Order's order line to change the registrant or subscription recipient is not supported.

  6. Add additional order lines as necessary and continue processing the order. See Adding an Order Line for general instructions.

If one or more kit sub-products do not satisfy their configured Minimum Selling Units requirement, then an order for this kit will not save (Aptify will prompt you with a message instead). In this case, increase the kit's quantity so that the quantity for each sub-product satisfies its Minimum Selling Units requirement.