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This section provides an overview of how an organization might use the functionality provided by the Award Management application. Each step below links to additional topics where applicable.:

  • An organization defines the types of awards that the organization offers. See Defining Award Types for more details on defining different awards.
  • If desired, the organization can choose to track the award nomination process through the Awards Nomination service. See Tracking Award Nominations for more details on tracking the nomination process.
  • An organization uses the Awards Granted service to track information about a given award including the award winner or winners, the type of award, the achievement date, and the location of the award ceremony. Records can be created through the Awards Granted service itself or on the Awards tab of the recipient's Persons record. See Tracking Award Nominations for more details.
  • An organization can generate reports to analyze and summarize the awards/incentive process. See About the Award Management Dashboard and Views for the standard views and dashboard included with this application.