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We are going to take a quick path for clearing caches. This will require the customer to manually clear the caches in services whenever necessary.

We have abstracted the server-side caching, so that we don’t add explicit dependencies to individual caches to our services layer. The dependency should be on a common cache clearing abstraction that hides the explicit details of each individual cache. We have exposed the cache clearing mechanism through the new service layer. This allows us to use the new security framework to lock down who can call the end point.

Below are the steps required to clear cache using POSTMAN or any similar tool:

  1. a) Login with a WebUser who is in Company Administrator group.
  2. b) Call the below service
    URL: {{serviceRoot}}/v1/ServerAdmin/StandardCaches/Clear
    Post Data Sample: {
    "AlertManagerCache", "ExtenderEntityMetaDataCache"

It will clear the input caches if they exist and would give the status as 204, as we haven’t returned any response from the service. However, if it fails, it would result in an error.

A list of caches will be displayed on the below URL:


Also, there’s a button at the bottom of this page, to clear caches. However, it’s non-functional as of now.


You can select caches to clear from the list provided on this page and send them as an array in body of POST, as shown above in 2.b)