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The In List operator lets you specify multiple possible values for a filter. For example, if you want a view to display Persons whose ZIP Code is 20006, 48105, or 94085, you could use the following filter statement to return these records:







In List

20006, 48105, 94085

The In List operator filters on a comma-delimited list of values; therefore, you must separate each value with a comma. Also, for certain fields that have a pre-defined selection list, such as a Person record's State field, an ellipsis (...) button appears in the Value column. Clicking this button displays a multiple selection dialog that lets you choose the values that you want to add to the list. If you use the multiple selection dialog, the system automatically inserts commas between the selected values.

Follow these steps to create an In List view:

  1. Open the View Properties dialog for a new or existing view.
    • For new views, right-click a service and select Create View from the pop-up menu.
    • For existing views, right-click within the view and select View Properties from the pop-up menu.

  2. Enter a Name and Description (for new views).
  3. Click the Filters tab.
  4. Select the Service and Field.
  5. In the Operator column, select In List.
  6. In the Value column, enter or select the values to include in the list.
  7. Continue defining or modifying the filter as necessary.
  8. When complete, click OK to close the View Properties dialog and run the view to display the matching records.