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However, in some cases, the marketing department may prefer to simply pick a sub-set subset of records from the base set. In this case, random selection is very useful.


  1. Create a new list view for a service.
    • For example, right-click the Persons service and select Create View to open the dialog for a new Persons view.
    • This approach can be used to create random selections for any top-level service in Aptify.

  2. Enter a Name for the view.
  3. Select List View as the View Type.
    New List View using NewIDImage RemovedNew List View using NewIDImage Added
  4. If you want to filter the records based on one or more filter criteria, click the Filters tab.
    • For example, you could add a country filter so the view only selects records randomly from those Persons in North American countries.

  5. Click the Fields tab and specify the set of fields that should appear in the view. You can skip this step if you want to display the default set of fields.
  6. Click the Paging tab and clear the Enable Paging option to disable paging.
  7. Click the Advanced (SQL) tab.
  8. Add the TOP keyword and the number of records to display after SELECT and before the list of fields, as shown below.
    • Example 1: To display 50 records, enter TOP 50.
    • Example 2: To display 10% of the total records, enter TOP 10 PERCENT.

    Specify -Number of Records to ReturnImage RemovedSpecify - Number of Records to ReturnImage Added

  9. At the end of the SQL statement, add an ORDER BY NewID() clause, as shown below.
    Specify Order By ClauseImage RemovedSpecify Order by ClauseImage Added
  10. Click OK to load the view.