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  • Sort data as needed.
  • Display subtotals and totals for various levels within the table.
  • Position data as rows and columns to provide a specific view of data for analysis purposes.
  • Export the pivot table to Microsoft Excel for further analysis.
  • Print all or selected information from a pivot table.

Aptify 's pivot table feature leverages Microsoft's Office 2003 Pivot Table component and Microsoft Excel. This topic describes how to create a pivot table within Aptify and provides an overview of how to use a pivot table. However, for additional information on working with pivot tables, refer to the Microsoft's Office 2003 Pivot Table component's Help documentation (accessible from a pivot table in Aptify) or the Pivot Table help section in the Microsoft Excel Help documentation.


Pivot Table views in Aptify 5.5 leverage functionality provided by Microsoft's Office Web Components (OWC 11). Your computer must have this component installed to create or use pivot table views (and it also needs Excel if you wish to export to Excel).

Microsoft distributes OWC 11 with Office 2003. However, Microsoft does not distribute OWC with Office 2007. Therefore, in order to use Pivot Tables in Office 2007 environments, you must either install OWC 11 separately on computers running Office 2007 or chain the OWC 11 installation to the Office 2007 installation.

See http for more information. 

OWC 11 is available for download from Microsoft's website at the following URL:httpfrom



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