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titleErrors When Running the Aptify 6.4 Setup

If you experience a problem installing Aptify 6.4, see Troubleshooting Aptify 6.4 Installation Problems for more information. 


Important Pre-Installation Considerations

  • Review Troubleshooting Aptify 6.4 Installation Problems prior to installing Aptify 6.4. before proceeding with the installation. This guide provides information on issues that you may encounter running the Aptify 6.4 or Aptify Web 6.4 setup. If you know, for example, that you have a required field on the Person entity that does not have a default value, this will need to be resolved prior to installation to be successful for Aptify 6.4.

  • Installing Aptify 6.4 on the Aptify sample data set takes approximately two hours. Depending on the size of your database, the installation process may take up to six hours. 

  • This installation can only be applied to a server running Aptify 6.3. If your server is running an earlier version, you must upgrade to Aptify 6.3. first before applying this version.
  •  For best results, Aptify recommends that an organization install service packs, add-on applications, and new versions in the order in which they are released.