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Changing Aptify Server Types

Once licenses have been imported to an Aptify server, you can only import licenses of the same Server Type. However, if you need to promote the environment of the server you can do so by importing a license file of a different server type to replace the existing licenses with licenses of the new server type. Follow the steps below to change licenses to a different server type.

The License Import wizard must be able to communicate with Aptify over a Web service to validate license information when promoting a server environment. If you do not have an Internet connection or the Aptify Licensing Web Service is unavailable, contact Aptify Support for assistance.


  1. Locate the license key import files provided by Aptify.
  2. Identify the import file that matches the Server Type you want to install. See "Server Types" on page 46 for more information.
  3. Copy the appropriate license key import file to a location on your computer.
  4. Launch Aptify using an administrator account.
  5. Create or open a view of the Licenses service.

    This service is located in the Framework and Users Administration applications by default.
  6. Click the Aptify License Import Wizard icon in the toolbar to launch the wizard.
  7. Select the Change Licenses to different Server Type option.
    1. Select Next.
    2. Use the Select Replacement button to locate the license file that will replace the existing licenses.
    3. Additional license files can be selected for import as needed by selecting the Select Another button to add the additional file.

      As shown below, the grid includes the number of licenses of each license type on the server, how many licenses are assigned and the number of licenses of each license type in the selected file or files.  

      Promote Licenses to new Server Type
  8.  Select Next.
  9. If the selected license file(s) does not have enough licenses to support all active users in the Aptify environment, select OK to launch the User License Assignment dialog to update the current license assignments. The current license assignment must be reduced before the license promotion can take place.

    The dialog displays each user within Aptify with their associated licenses. To help determine which licenses to select for reduction, the number of permanent and temporary licenses are shown for each license type at the bottom of each column. Also, column entries in grey represent users that will receive temporary licenses (based on the last temporary licenses assigned). Column entries in red represent the last user(s) that were assigned a temporary license (giving users with permanent licenses priority within the grid).  

    User License Assignment Dialog
    • You can use the Reset Form button at anytime to reset the current license assignments. 

      Reset Form Option
    • Once you have reduced the licenses assignments as required, the Save Licenses button becomes enabled. Select this button to save the updated user license assignments and import the licenses.  

      Save Licenses Option
    • Select Yes to confirm the updated license assignments.
  10. A dialog displays that indicates the successful activation of the licenses of a different server type. Select Finish to exit the Aptify License Manager.
    • Existing user license assignments records are updated to use the new licenses. 


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