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Using the Order Cancellation Wizard

The easiest way to cancel an order is to use the Order Cancellation wizard, accessible from the Orders service. Follow these steps to create a cancellation order using the wizard:

  1. Open or create a view of the Orders service.Click the Order Cancellation Wizard icon in the view toolbar to launch the wizard.
    • You can also launch the wizard from the Orders service's Entity Browser toolbar as shown below.
      Cancel Wizard Icon
  2. Review the information on the wizard's Welcome screen and click Next to continue.
  3. Enter your name in the TakenBy field, if not automatically populated.
    • By default, this field should populate automatically with your name. If your name does not appear automatically, contact your system administrator for assistance. Your user may not be linked to an Employees record.
  4. Enter the ID number for the order to cancel in the Order field.
    • Use the link box's Find button to search for the order if you do not know its ID.
  5. Select a reason for cancelling the order from the Cancellation Reason drop-down list.
    • The available reasons are stored in the Cancellation Reasons service. An administrator can add reasons as necessary.
      Specify Order to Cancel  and Reason
  6. Click Next to continue.
  7. Specify the items that the customer/member wants to cancel.
    • A customer can cancel all or only part of an order.
    • To cancel all order lines, click the Check All button.
    • To clear your current selections, click the Check None button.
    • To select an individual order line for cancellation, place a check mark in the box to the left of that line.
    • By default when you select an order line, the Cancel Quantity equals the order line's Quantity. To specify that fewer items will be returned, modify the number of units in the Cancel Quantity column.
      • The Cancel Quantity must be less than or equal to the order line's Quantity.
      • For partial cancellations (such as with subscriptions), fractional amounts automatically convert to their corresponding decimal value. See Cancelling Subscriptions and Membership for more information on cancelling subscriptions.
    • To see more information about an order line, click within the Product column to display an ellipsis (...) button. Click this button to open the Order Lines form for the selected Order Line.
      • If an order contains multiple order lines for the same product, you can open the Order Lines form to confirm that you are cancelling the appropriate product. For example, different order lines for the same product may have different prices or Ship To destinations. Likewise, multiple order lines for the same subscription product or meeting may have different recipients or attendees specified.
        Choosing the Lines and Quantities to Cancel
  8. If your organization charges a cancellation fee on a per product basis, you can view which products have an associated cancellation fee by selecting the Show Cancellation Fee Products button.
    • To return to the order line information, select the Hide Cancellation Fee Products button.
    • Only products that have a Cancellation Fee Product specified on the Prices > Settings tab of the Products record will display cancellation fees. Your organization needs to create a cancellation fee product in order to use this feature. See Setting Up a Cancellation Fee Product for details.
      Show Cancellation Fee Products
  9. If your organization is refunding shipping charges for the order, place a check mark in the Return Shipping Charge box to indicate that the system should calculate the appropriate shipping/handling refund based on the items that will be cancelled on the order. The appropriate Shipping/Handling credit appears on the cancellation order.
  10. If your organization is charging a cancellation fee on a per order basis, place a check mark in the Include Cancellation Fee Product box. Then, select the appropriate cancellation fee product from the Product drop-down and specify the amount in the Fee field.
    • Your administrator may first need to enable support for cancellation fees in order for your organization to use this feature. See Setting Up a Cancellation Fee Product for details.
    • If you check the Include Cancellation Fee Product box, then you must select a Product from the drop-down list and specify the Fee amount to before continuing to the next step.
    • Note that the value in the Fee field must be a positive, numeric amount. If you specify a text value for the Fee amount (for example, ten dollars), tabbing out of the field automatically sets the field's value to zero (for example, $0.00). In order to continue to the next step, the Fee amount must be greater than zero. The value cannot be negative.
      Cancellation Fee Charged
  11. Click Next to continue.
  12. If the customer has made a payment for this order, select an option for recording the order credit for the customer.

    Note that if you are attempting to refund a credit card payment and your organization has configured Aptify to process credit card payments with an active Merchant Accounts record, only the Keep On Account option is available if the credit card payment has been authorized, but not captured. See Capturing Payments for more information on capturing credit card payments.


    • Select Keep On Account to create a credit memo that can be applied to future orders. An organization can also create a refund for the customer at a later date, if needed. See Creating a Refund for details.
      Keep On Account
    • **Beginning with 5.5.1, Aptify introduces functionality to automatically generate a credit memo payment to offset an order with an outstanding balance against the credit in a corresponding cancellation. The system now includes an option to automatically generate a credit memo payment during the order cancellation process, specifically in the case where the original order has no payment associated with it so the cancellation credit can tie directly to the original order's balance. This topic has not yet been updated to reflect this new option. **
    • Select Refund to specify that the amount cancelled should be refunded to the customer (assuming that the customer has provided payment for all or part of the original order).
      • If you select the Refund option, enter the amount of the refund in the field provided, as shown below. Remember to deduct any applicable cancellation fee you specified on the earlier screen. Note that the refund amount cannot be more than the amount cancelled.
      • If your organization has linked each Payment Type with a corresponding Refund Voucher payment type, the wizard will automatically generate a refund voucher using the Refund Voucher payment type linked to the order's original in-flow payment (that is, a payment that corresponds to funds received, like a check or a credit card). If a Refund Voucher is not specified for a particular payment type, the wizard uses the order's original Payment Type as the Refund Voucher for the cancellation order. For example, typically a credit card method is configured as its own Refund Voucher so the refund is applied to the card that was previously used to pay for the order. See Managing Payment Types for more information.
      • If an order has multiple payments applied, the Refund option references the first in-flow payment that was applied to this order. If you want to split a refund among multiple payment types (for example, if a customer paid an order in installments using different credit cards and you want to refund the appropriate amount to each credit card individually), then select the Keep On Account option and generate the Refund payments manually. See Creating a Refund.
      • If generating a refund voucher, specify a check number for the refund, if known. Otherwise, leave this field blank. If your organization uses Aptify's Accounts Payable integration feature for processing refunds, then the system will automatically import a refund check number to the Payments record's AP Integration tab following an AP Import Run. See Integrating with an Accounts Payable System for details.
      • If your organization has configured a Minimum Refund Amount and the current refund is less than that value, Aptify will display a message box when you click Next. Depending on the configuration of the Minimum Refund options, you may be able to proceed with the current refund amount or you may need to modify the amount before proceeding. See About Payments Entity Attributes for more information on setting up a Minimum Refund Amount.

        Enter Refund Amount
  13. Click Next to continue.
  14. If you are running Aptify 5.5.1 and up, select the Suppress Confirmation Email option, if an automated confirmation email to the customer is not desired.

    Order Cancellation Email Suppression Option
  15. Click Finish to create the cancellation order.
    • Aptify notifies you when the process is complete.
  16. Click Yes to review the cancellation order.
  17. Review the cancellation order and modify the order, as necessary.
    • For example, if you need to mark damaged goods as unsuitable for return to stock, check the Not Returned to Stock box on the appropriate order line's Details form. See Marking Returned Goods as Damaged (Not Returned to Stock) for more information.
    • Note the following characteristics of a cancellation order:
      • The ID of the original order appears in the Original Order field.
      • The Order Type is Cancellation
      • If you selected a reason for why the order was cancelled, that reason appears in the Cancellation Reason field on the Cancellations tab.
      • The system automatically generates an order line with a negative quantity for each product you can cancel.
      • The system automatically generates an order line for each product that has an associated Cancellation Fee Product.
      • The system automatically generates an order line if you specified a cancellation fee for the entire order.
      • If you specified a refund, Aptify automatically generates a refund voucher payment (or credits the Bill To party's credit card, if the order was originally paid via credit card). The order's balance reflects this refund amount.
      • If you selected the Keep on Account option in the wizard, the cancellation order has a credit balance that can be applied to other orders as a Credit Memo. In this case, the cancellation order's initial payment type is set to Purchase Order.
      • All comments (found on the Messages tab) from the original order will flow down to the cancellation order.
        Generated Cancellation Order
  18. If the cancellation order is completed, change the Order Status to Shipped to finalize the order.
    • You can defer this step until a later date, however, the order should be marked as shipped at some point in the future so that the system generates the appropriate GL entries to reverse the GL entries associated with the original order.
    • If you expect product back from the customer, do not ship the cancellation order until those products have been received. When you ship a cancellation order that contains products with tracked inventory, Aptify automatically adds those units back into the available inventory (assuming that they were not marked as damaged; see Marking Returned Goods as Damaged (Not Returned to Stock) for details). If your organization requires a RMA number for all returned items, see Processing Return Authorizations for information on tracking the return authorization process.
    • See Shipping Orders and Placing Back Orders for more information on marking orders as shipped.
  19. Save and close the order to return to the Order Cancellation wizard.
    • The wizard asks you if you want to cancel another order.
  20. If you want to cancel another order, click Yes to restart the wizard. Otherwise, click No to close the wizard.
  21. If your organization uses Aptify's Accounts Payable integration feature for processing refunds, then a member of the accounting department runs the AP Export wizard to transfer the details of any refund vouchers to your organization's AP system. See Integrating with an Accounts Payable System for details.

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