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Changing a Quotation to a Regular Order by Applying a Payment

While a user can manually change a quotation to a regular order, Aptify can also perform this task automatically when a payment is applied to the order. This is useful for situations where the Bill To party sends in payment for a quotation order and a member of the accounting department can update the order simply by entering the payment information in the system.

You can also change a quotation to a regular order manually. See Manually Changing a Quotation to a Regular Order for more details.

Follow these steps:

  1. Open a new Payments record.
  2. Click Order # or Invoice # and enter the ID of the quotation order for which the Bill To party has submitted payment.
    • The system automatically populates the payment's Person and Company and adds a payment line for the amount of the order.
    • See Processing Payments for more information on creating Payments record.

      New Payments Record
  3. Click the Details tab and enter the payment information.
  4. Save the payment.
    • Aptify automatically recognizes that the order to which the payment is being applied is a quotation and displays the following message:

      Convert Quotation Message
  5. Click Yes to save the payment and automatically update the order's Order Type from Quotation to Regular.

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