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About the Member Types Form

This service stores the available Member Types that can be assigned to a customer/member manually or by ordering a Dues product that is linked to a particular Member Type. It appears in the Customer Management application by default.

Member Types Form

Attachments Tab

The Attachments tab lists any files relevant to the Member Types record.

General Tab


The name of the Member Type.


If the Member Type is a subsidiary Member Type, specify the parent Member Type in the Parent field. For example, a general Member type may be the parent for all other memberships, such as Corporate Member and Student Member. Note that a Member Type cannot be its own parent.


Description of the Member Type.


If this membership type corresponds to an active member status, select Yes. If this membership type specifies a non-member status, select No.

Is Active

Select this option if the organization is actively marketing this membership type. If not, clear this option to indicate that the type is currently inactive.

Default Type

This field identifies if a Member Type applies to Persons or to Companies. This designation is used to automatically set the Subscription Purchase Type for a membership order. For example, if the Member Type associated with a Membership product has a Default Type of Person, then an order line created for this Membership product has a Purchase Type of Individual. Likewise, if the Membership product's Default Type is Company, then the Membership order line uses a Purchase Type of Company.

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