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Creating a Product Category for the Prepaid Deposit Product

Follow these steps to create a Product Categories record for Prepaid Deposit products:

  1. Open a new record from the Product Categories service.
    • This service is located in the Product Setup and Maintenance application by default.
  2. Enter a name and a description of the product category.
  3. On the GL Accounts tab, open a new GL Accounts record to add the prepaid deposit account.

    Prepaid Deposit GL Accounts Record
  4. In the GL Order Level field, select a GL order level (typically, Regular).
  5. Select Accounts Receivable from the type list.
  6. In the GL Account field, select a liability account to be used for tracking prepaid deposits rather than an accounts receivable account. 
  7. Select OK to save the new GL Accounts record.
  8. Add a second GL Accounts to the product category that uses a Type of Sales.
    • The Order Entry system will not generate GL entries for this account since prepaid deposit orders have $0 products. However, you must specify a Sales GL account to save a new Products record in Aptify.
  9. Save and close the new Product Categories record.

See Managing the Product Categories Service for more information on setting up Product Categories records.

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