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About the Form Component Categories Form

Form components may be grouped in similar categories for reporting and organizational purposes.

Form Component Categories Form

Attachments Tab

The Attachments tab lists any files relevant to the Form Component Categories record. The tab becomes available when the record is initially saved.

Form Component Categories Tab

This tab displays a list view of categories for which this category is the parent.

Form Components Tab

This tab displays a list view of form components that are in this category.

General Tab

Name (Required)

The name of the category.


If the category is a sub-category of a higher level category, the parent category is listed in this field as a link to another Form Component Categories record.


Description of the record.


The category's scope: Global or Entity. Only components in a Global category appear in the Visual Designer's toolbox. See Toolbox for more information.


If the category's scope is Entity, this field specifies the Entity to which this category corresponds.

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