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About the Filter Rule Type Entity Instances Form

For each filter rule type, an administrator or developer defines the set of entities that can be used to filter records. Each entity is assigned an Entity Instance on the Filter Rule Type's Entity Instances tab. See About the Filter Rule Types Form.

Entity Instances Form

General Tab

Name (Required)

The name of the Entity Instance. This is the name that appears in the Filter Rule's Service drop-down menu for a filter rule that uses this Filter Rule Type.


A description of the Entity Instance.

Entity (Required)

Specifies the entity instance's entity. The drop-down list includes all entities in the system.


When selected, this flag specifies that the entity instance is a required input for filter rule evaluation (whether or not the user actually defines a filter rule for this instance). For example, all of the entity instances for the Product Price Filter Rule Type are required except for the Bill To Company and Ship To Company instances, since an order may not have a Bill To Company or Ship To Company specified. The developer who wrote the evaluation logic should specify which entity instances to add and which ones are required.

Exclude From List

When selected, the entity instance does not appear in a filter rule's Service drop-down list.

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