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About the Import Source Types Form

Import Source Types records specify the type of data that can be imported in Aptify using the Generic Import Wizard. In a standard Aptify installation, Import Source Types records exist for importing data from a tab-delimited text file, a Microsoft Excel worksheet, and a Microsoft Access database table.

Import Source Types Form

Attachments Tab

The Attachments tab lists any files relevant to the Import Source Types record.

General Tab

Name (Required)

The Name field contains the name of the source type.


A description of the source type.

Assembly Name

The name of the .NET assembly that determines how data is read from the specified source type. This is also known as the Source Reader.

Object (Required)

The location of the Source Reader's object in the Aptify Object Repository.

Class (Required)

The class in the assembly that implements the source reader functionality.

Prop Page Assembly Name

The name of the .NET assembly that configures a GUI control that appears in the Generic Import wizard and on the Import Runs record's Input Maps tab so a user can specify the appropriate properties for an Import Run. If not specified, these locations use the standard Aptify input map control. This is also known as the Prop Page.

Prop Page Object

The location of the Prop Page object in the Aptify Object Repository.

Prop Page Class

The name of the class in the Prop Page assembly that implements the control.

Input Properties Tab

The Input Properties tab stores the list of properties that are required or can be used by the objects specified on the General tab. For example, an input property that is common to all three standard source types is Filename (since the Generic Import wizard needs to know the name and location of the file to process).

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