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Processing Cash Receipts

An organization processes cash receipts in Aptify by creating a Cash Control Batches record, which matches receipts to orders. A Cash Control Batch cannot be approved until the total of the cash receipts equals the total of the posted payments to orders. This ensures that all payments received are applied to customers' orders correctly for accounts receivable (A/R) -reporting.
Posted payments reflect payment records for orders that have been assigned to cash control batches. Once a payment has a link to an order and a Cash Control Batches record, there is a clear audit trail between an order payment and the actual cash receipt. This process may be executed manually or in an automated fashion using the Lock Box wizard.
Both the manual and Lock Box wizard process involve the following steps:

  • Enter or import cash receipts in a Cash Control Batch.
  • Match payments to the cash receipts.
  • Ensure that the total of the receipts equals the total of the applied payments.
  • Approve and close the cash control batch.

This topic provides a detailed explanation of how each of these steps is completed using either the manual or the automated process.
This topic contains the following sub-topics:

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