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About the Scripts Form

This service serves as a central repository for all scripts used in Aptify. Entities such as Message Parts and Entity Fields that support user-defined scripts have an embedded link to the Scripts service. See Scripts Service for more information on Aptify's scripting implementation.

Scripts Form
Attachments Tab

The Attachments tab lists any files relevant to the Scripts record.

General Tab

Name (Required)

This field specifies the name of the script. Typically, the script's name is automatically generated by the system using the following format:

  • Message Templates: [Entity Name].[Field Name]([Record's Name].SystemID=[Record's DefaultMessageSystemID],SourceID=[Record's DefaultMessageSourceID])
    • E.g.: Message Templates.HTMLScriptID(Address Verification.SystemID=5,SourceID=2)

  • Message Parts: [Entity Name].[Field Name]([Record's Name].CategoryID=[Record's CategoryID])
    • E.g.: Message Parts.HTMLScriptID(Two Line Address Block.CategoryID=7)

  • All Other Script Types: [Entity Name].[Field Name]([Record's Name])
    • E.g.: Process Flow Steps.RuleTextScriptID(Show Pending)
    • For top-level Entities, the Record's Name is the value stored in the Name field.
    • For Sub-Types, the Record's Name also includes the value of the Name fields throughout the parent hierarchy, separated by the period (.). For example, a field validation script for the Calculation Type field in the Shipment Types entity has this script name: EntityFields.ValidationScriptID(Shipment Types.CalculationType)


A description of the script.

Script Type (Required)

This field specifies the script's type. It links to the Script Types service.

Script Language (Required)

This field specifies the script's coding language. It links to the Script Languages service.

Script Text (Required)

The text of the script.

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