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About the User Values Form

User Values records store individual user preferences related to using Aptify. This includes width and height of the Shortcuts bar and other desktop area settings. Normally, these records are for internal system use only; the system creates and modifies these records as necessary. However, an administrator or developer may manually create and modify these records for certain users when using the Aptify Process Flow Debugger tool and defining the default state (minimized or maximized) for certain user's Ribbon bar. See Testing Process Flows for details regarding User Values records with the debugger and Defining the Default State of Ribbon Bar for more information regarding the Ribbon bar.

User Values Form

Attachments Tab

The Attachments tab lists any files relevant to the User Values record.

General Tab

UserID (Required)

The UserID field displays the ID of the user whose preference is saved in this User Values record.


The ApplicationID field shows the ID of the application to which the preferences apply. If this User Value does not apply to a particular application, ApplicationID is set to -1.


This field is reserved for future use.

Name (Required)

The name of the preference setting.

Value (Required)

The value for the preference setting.

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