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About the Views Form

The Views form stores information about views created on services.

Views Form

Top Panel

Owner (Required)

The owner of the view.


The service with which this view is associated (such as Persons, Companies, or Orders).

View Category

This field specifies the folder that contains this view. Note that the specified view category and the view must have the same owner in order for the view to be displayed correctly.

Configuration Tab

This section provides the system administrator with the ability to create the view by selecting filters or by entering a valid SQL statement. The View Configuration tab corresponds to the View Properties dialog.

See Using the Viewing Systeme for information on the dialog and its configuration options.

Advanced (SQL) Sub-Tab

The Advanced (SQL) sub-tab of the View Configuration tab provides the administrator with the ability to write a customized SQL statement. When altering the Service field in the top panel of the Views record, this section is populated with a basic SQL statement including those fields that are configured to display in the view.

Advanced (SQL) Tab
Auto Refresh Sub-Tab

Configure the frequency with which the view contents automatically refreshes to display up-to-date information.

Calendar Sub-Tab

Configure the Calendar View properties. Only applicable when View Type is set to Calendar. See Using Calendar Views for more information.

Chart Sub-Tab

Configure the Chart View properties. Only applicable when View Type is set to Chart. See Using Chart Views for more information.

Fields Sub-Tab

This tab allows the administrator to select the fields that appear within a List View.

Filters Sub-Tab

An administrator can add filters to the view using this tab.

Format Sub-Tab

This tab allows the administrator to configure the format of the data within a List View.

General Sub-Tab

Stores general information about the view.

Name (Required)

The name of the view that appears underneath the service within the Aptify application folder.

View Type (Required)

The type of view (List, Calendar, or Chart).


A description of what information the view return.

Show Default Preview Pane

By selecting this option, the view will include the entity's default preview pane by default. See Using the List View Preview Pane for more information.

Hierarchy Sub-Tab

This tab allows the administrator to add hierarchical data (such as sub-types and one-to-many entity relationships) to a List View.

Paging Sub-Tab

Configure the number of rows that appear per page within a view. Applicable to List Views.

Pivot Table Sub-Tab

Configure the Pivot Table properties. Only applicable when View Type is set to Pivot Table. See Using Pivot Tables in the Desktop Client for more information.

Sorting Sub-Tab

This tab allows the administrator to specify the order in which data appears within a view. Applicable for List and Chart Views.

Scheduling Sub-Tab

This tab allows the administrator to specify when the view should run to automatically generate a list or report.

Results Tab

Once the Views record has been configured with valid information, it may be saved. After the Views record is saved, the View Results tab is enabled, which displays the results of the generated SQL statement. This allows the administrator to validate the generated SQL statement by the information returned in this section.

View Results Tab

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