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Adding the MS Word Integration Wizard to an Entity

The Aptify MS Word Integration wizard is available for the Persons entity by default. If you only plan to use the Aptify mail merge functionality with Persons,  you do not need to complete this procedure.

However, an administrator can add the Aptify MS Word Integration wizard to any entity in the system by following these steps:

See Adding Wizards to an Entity for detailed instructions on how to add a wizard to an entity.


  1. Open the Entities record for the entity and click the Configuration > Actions tab.
  2. Open a new Actions record and enter the following values:
    • Name: Mail Merge Wizard (or whatever text you want to display in the tool text that appears when a user places a mouse cursor over the wizard icon in the view toolbar)
    • Action Assembly: AptifyMSWordIntegration
    • Action Class: Aptify.Framework.MicrosoftWord.TemplateWizardForm
    • Action Object: DataModules.Aptify MS Word Integration
    • Description: Enter a description if desired.
    • Icon: Specify an icon from the Object Repository to use for this wizard in the entity's toolbar. Note that the system will use the standard wizard icon if you leave this field blank. Icon Small is currently not implemented.
    • Run From options: Clear the Run From Entity Browser option; the wizard cannot be run the entity browser. However, you can select the Run From Temporary View and Run From Prompted View options — the Aptify MS Word Integration wizard can be run from temporary views or prompted views. 
      Setting Up the Mail Merge Wizard for an Entity 
  3. Click OK.
  4. Save and Close the entity.

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