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Closing a Task

As a Tasks moves along its various stages, users change the task's Status to reflect its current progress. Changing the status can fire process flows that improve the task's workflow (such as by sending notification emails).

When a task is complete, a user opens the Task record and updates the following fields:

  • Completed date
    • If left blank, Aptify inserts the current date and time in this field when the task is closed.
  • % Complete
    • Note that Aptify automatically sets this field to 100% when the task is closed.
  • Number of Hours it took to complete the task
    • If an estimated number of hours has been previously entered, Aptify automatically calculates the variance between the original estimate and the actual time required when a user closes and reopens the Tasks form.
    • See Reviewing Task Hours for information on how an organization can use a Tasks form to analyse the time estimated and spent on a particular task.
  • Task Status (to a status that indicates a closed state)
      • When a task is saved with % Complete of 100 percent (that is, the work is complete and the task should be closed), Aptify automatically sets the status of the task to the first closed state status for the particular task type. See Defining Task Type for more information.

The user then saves the record and the General tab on the Tasks form becomes disabled to prevent any future updates.

Closed Task

Depending on the configuration of the task's type, changing the task's Status may trigger a Process Flow. See "Defining Task Type" for details.

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