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About the KPI Metrics Form

The KPI Metric form defines what the weightage of a KPI is within a CES plan. It also defines the KPI Metric Mapping where a user can define how many CES points are assigned for a particular KPI value.

KPI Metrics Form


Attach any documents relevant to this KPI metric on the Attachments tab.



Enter comments about this KPI metric.

Is Active

Select to make this KPI metric active. Clear to deactivate this KPI metric


Select the KPI for mapping. The valid values are the set of KPIs. The field links to the record for the selected KPI. 


Enter the weight of the associated KPI. The weight is also set according to the KPI mapping.

Use Actual KPI Result

Select to use KPI results directly as CES points and bypass the mapping. Clear to use the mapping of KPI results.

KPI Metric Mappings

Lists the KPI metric mappings records associated with this KPI metric.

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