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Step 4: Run the Process Flows and Execute KPI for CES Plan and Execute CES Plan


All previous forms should be saved and closed prior to running CES.


Aptify recommends creating scheduled tasks to run the process flows Execute KPI for CES Plan and Execute CES Plan to periodically calculate KPIs and Composite Engagement Score.

Complete the following steps to create a schedule task:

  1. Confirm that you have an Application Server configured and functional on your network.
    • You must have one or more Application Servers to use Aptify Scheduled Tasks.
  2. Review, and update if needed, the CES Plan ID used by the Process Flows.
  3. Open the Scheduled Tasks record.
  4. Clear the Service field.
  5. Change the Service to Remote Scheduler.
    • After saving the record, the Application Server will change the Service to Windows Scheduler automatically and set up a Windows Task for this item.
    • If you are running the Aptify Desktop client on the Application Server directly, you can set the Service to Windows Scheduler directly.
  6. Specify the Application Server that will execute this task.
  7. Specify the Job Account Name and Password for the account that will execute this task on the Application Server.
  8. Select the Is Enabled option.
  9. Modify the Frequency, Dates, and Start Time as needed.
  10. Save the Scheduled Task.
  11. Repeat steps 1 through 10 for each process flow.
    • Remember that Execute KPI for CES Plan should be run prior to Execute CES Plan in order to use the latest KPI results for CES calculation.

  12. Proceed to Step 5: Viewing CES Results.

For demonstration purposes, use the Aptify Process Flow Debugger to run the process flows manually. You can run the process flows by entering the value of the CES Plan ID and starting the process flow, as shown in the example below. Again, you have to first run Execute KPI for CES Plan and then Execute CES Plan. This will allow the latest KPI values to be used for the calculation of Composite Engagement Score.

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