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About the Task Types Form

Task Types provide a method of grouping tasks according to similar requirements. In addition, attributes, status types, and actions from a Task Type record flow down to tasks that use the specified type.

Task Types Form

Actions Tab

This tab lists any defined actions that are triggered by a change in the status for a task of this type. For information on creating Action records see Defining Task Type Actions.

Attachments Tab

The Attachments tab lists any files relevant to the Task Type record.

Attributes Tab

This tab defines any custom attributes that are flowed down to task records that use this task type. This tab is reserved for future use. See Defining Task Type Attributes for more information.

General Tab

Name (Required)

The name of the task type.


A brief description of the task type.


The Status field indicates whether the task type is Active or Inactive. A user can only assign an active task type to a new Task.


If this type is a sub-category of another Task Type, the name of the parent category appears in the Parent field.

Default Status

The default status for Tasks of this type. This is one of the options stored on the Status tab.

Attribute Display Object

This field is reserved for future use.

Attribute Display Class

This field is reserved for future use.


This field stores any additional information about the task type.

Status Tab

This tab defines the status options for tasks that use this type. For information on defining the status options see Defining Task Type Statuses.

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