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About the Batches Form for General Ledger Batch Wizards

General Ledger (GL) Batches records are created with the Orders, Payments, or Scheduled Transactions general ledger batch wizards to store the summary of information created when the wizard is run.

General Ledger Batches Form

Top Panel

Name (Required)

Name of the general ledger batch. The general ledger batch wizard automatically assigns this name but it may be modified by the user.

Batch Type (Required)

Read-only field that indicates the type of general ledger batch. This is populated automatically by the general ledger batch wizard. Values available are Orders, Payments, and Scheduled Transactions.

Approved By (read-only)

The user who approved the general ledger batch. Populated automatically when the Approve button is clicked.

Started By

The user who started the general ledger batch.

Date Started

The date the general ledger batch was started.

Effective Date

The date the general ledger batch was approved. Populated automatically when the Approve button is clicked. 

Export Batch Button

This button prompts the user to export the general ledger batch to an external file for analysis by the organization's accounting package.

Attachments Tab

The Attachments tab lists any files relevant to the general ledger Batches record.

GL Entries Tab

A list of all related GL account entries created through the general ledger batch wizard process. These records are automatically generated by the wizard, and the display grid on this tab is read-only.

GL Entries Tab on GL Batches Record

GL Entry Details Tab

This tab is added to the Aptify web interface in Aptify 5.5.4

This tab provides an aggregated list view of GL account data, where users can view transaction data for the accounts in the batch. This tab also provides a SUM field for each account, which matches the Totals value for the account in the GL Entries tab. 

GL Entry Details Tab

Inventory Ledger Entries Tab

This tab lists all related Product Inventory Ledger Entries records for the general ledger batch.

Orders / Payments / Scheduled Transactions Tab

The tab label is dependent on the service where the general ledger batch wizard originated to create this GL Batches record. The name of the service is populated automatically by the wizard into the Batch Type field on the Top Panel of the general ledger Batches form.

This tab lists all the records from the service that were included in the general ledger batch. For example, if the general ledger batch was run on the Orders service, the tab will be labeled Orders and list all the general ledger batched orders.

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