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Using the Desktop Client Session Exception Viewer

If a problem occurs while you are using Aptify Desktop client, the system may record information about the error you encountered in the Session Exceptions viewer. Your administrator can use this information to help identify what caused the error.

For information on the Exception Viewer in the Aptify web interface, see About the Web Interface Exception Viewer.


Follow these steps if your administrator asks you to report error information from the Session Exception viewer:

  1. Select Aptify Button > Session Exceptions from to open the viewer.
    • The Session Exceptions icon appears at the bottom of the Aptify button menu to the left of the Aptify On the Web option.
    • You can also open the Session Exceptions viewer from the Aptify Desktop client by clicking the CTRL+F12 shortcut key combination.
      Session Exceptions Viewer

  2. Do one of the following: 
    • Click Print to create a hard copy of the recorded errors. The print job is sent to your computer's default printer.
    • Click Export to copy the errors to a file on your local computer or network. You can save the error information as a plain text (TXT) file or as a comma-separated values (CSV) file. Contact your administrator to find out what format is preferred.

    • Double-click on an exception to open the full error message in a new window. Users can copy and paste the full exception into a text editor as needed.
      Aptify Exception Form

  3. When finished, click the Exit button to close the Session Exception viewer.
    • Before exiting the viewer, you may want to click Refresh to update the viewer so that it displays an error that occurred while you had the viewer open, or you may want to click Clear to remove the displayed errors from the viewer.


If you want to track your session errors as they occur for troubleshooting purposes, you can leave the Session Exceptions viewer open on your desktop with the Auto Refresh option selected. With this setting, errors are -automatically added to the Session Exceptions viewer as they occur.

When the Manual Refresh option is selected, new errors do not appear while the viewer is open until you click the Refresh button.

Also, if you want the Sessions Exceptions view to always remain in the foreground of your desktop, click the pin icon. When Auto Refresh is selected and the viewer is pinned to the desktop, you can easily monitor whenever a new error is logged.



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