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Evaluating a Student's Results

When a student completes Course Parts on an e-Business site, Aptify automatically updates the corresponding Class Registrations record for that student to track his or her progress. As described in How Students Access On-line Content, Aptify creates a record on the Part Status tab of a student's Class Registration record each time the student accesses a new Course Part for the class.

Completed Course Parts
Also, for Course Parts that include a testing element, Aptify automatically rolls up the individual scores at the Part Status level to the Class Registrations record's Score and Percent Score fields. The Score field is the sum of the individual Part Status scores and the Percent Score is the average of the individual Part Status scores.

For example, if a class includes two quizzes (one with a score of 80 and one with a score of 90), Aptify automatically calculates a Score of 170 and a Percent Score of 85 at the Class Registrations record, as illustrated below.

Class Registration with Roll-up Score

To process a completed Class Registration, a course administrator (or an instructor) can follow steps similar to what is described below:

  1. Student completes an online class (that is, the student completes the course parts).
  2. Either periodically or at the end of the class period, the course administrator reviews the Class Registrations record to determine which ones are complete.
  3. For graded classes, the course administrator reviews the student's score on individual Part Status records and determines the student's overall score for the class.
  4. The course administrator enters the student's total score on the Class Registrations record's General tab, enters a Date Completed, and modifies the Status accordingly (such as to Passed or Failed, depending upon the student's score in relation to the course's passing score).

     Processing a Completed Class Registrations Record
  5. The course administrator saves and closes the Class Registrations record.


See Managing the Class Registration Service for more information on processing Class Registrations records. Note that passing one or more courses can also lead to Certifications, depending on an organization's Education Management workflow. Also see Managing the Certifications Service.

Also, you can leverage Aptify's Process Pipeline functionality and Scheduled Tasks to automate the processing of Class Registration results. The complexity of building the automated process will vary depending on your organization's requirements. If you are interested in automating this process, contact Aptify Customer Support to discuss possible solutions.

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