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Creating Advertising File Types

When advertisers or agencies are submitting their advertising materials, it is helpful to identify what types of files are being submitted or are required. The Advertising File Types service allows an organization to define any number of file types that they will accept. This allows both advertiser and publisher to work with each other using the same programs when and if edits to graphics or text are required. Aptify includes some standard Advertising File Types, including Postscript (.ps), Illustrator (.ai), FrameMaker (.fm), PageMaker5 (.pm5), PageMaker6 (.pm6), and Photoshop (.psd), but you can add to or modify these records as needed.

To define and add more file types to Aptify Advertising use the Advertising File Types service to enter or delete file type records. Follow these steps to create an Advertising File Type:

  1. Open the Advertising File Types record from the Advertising File Types service.
  2. In the Name field, enter the full name of the file type.
  3. In the Description field, identify the program that belongs to this file type.
  4. In the File Extension field, enter the file extension abbreviation. For example, an encapsulated postscript file uses .eps as its file extension and "eps" is entered in the field. Note that it is not necessary to enter the "." for any file extension.

    Sample Advertising File Types Record

  5. Save and close the record.

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