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Editing Records in Place

The Editing Records In Place Edit icon allows you to edit a record's data from the list view without having to open the record. The availability of this feature varies from service-to-service and possibly field-to-field, depending on the configurations set by your system administrator. Also, note that this feature is not available for temporary views that may appear on some forms.

In the standard Aptify installation, In Place Edit is enabled for the following services:

  • Persons
  • Companies
  • Products
  • Contact Log
  • Tasks

The sections below contain additional information about In Place Editing:

Follow the below steps to use In Place Editing within a list view, when available:

  1. Open a list view displaying the record whose data you want to edit.
  2. Click the In Place Edit icon.
    Edit Records In Place
  3. Edit the record data for the following field types: 
    • Text Field: Click inside the field and edit the text as you would in a regular text field.
    • Link Box: Click inside the field and edit the record ID. You must enter an ID of a record in the linked entity.
    • Check Box: Double-click the option to select or deselect it.
    • Drop-down or Combo Box: Click the field, then click the down arrow to display the drop-down list, and select the option you want. 
      Editing Records In Place - Drop Down Menu
    • Date Field: Click the field, then click the down arrow to display the calendar, and select the date you want.
      Editing Records In Place - Date Field
    • Virtual Field: Note that In Place Editing is not available for standard virtual fields.
  4. Save the changes you made to the record either by clicking the Edit Record In Place icon again or by clicking another row on the view.
    • If you switch off the view without first clicking the Edit Record In Place icon or clicking another row, Aptify displays a warning message asking you to decide if you want to save the changes that you have made to a row.

About In Place Editing and Hierarchical Views

If you create a list view that contains hierarchies (see Defining View Hierarchies), one or more of the related services or sub-types shown in the hierarchies may support In Place Editing, depending on how your administrator has configured the system. This is in addition to the top level service to which the view applies (which may or may not support In Place Editing).

If In Place Editing is available for a related service or sub-type shown in a hierarchy's sub-view, the In Place Editing icon appears in the list view toolbar when the sub-view is in focus, as shown below.

Related -Service with In Place Editing Enabled
Keep in mind the following items when using In Place Editing in a hierarchical view:

  • When available, a user enables In Place Editing for each hierarchy individually.
    • Consider the sample view from the figure. If a user clicks the In Place Editing icon for Employees (the top level service), the Employees records enter In Place Editing mode. However, when the user clicks within the Employee Skills sub-view, In Place Editing is not enabled for that related service (the icon is not selected, as shown in the figure). To enable In Place Editing for Employee Skills, the user clicks the In Place Editing icon again.

  • Each sub-view's In Place Editing session is distinct from the top level service's session that may or may not also be active in the view. Therefore, the system prompts you to save any changes made while in In Place Editing mode any time you click outside of the hierarchy's sub-view.
  • When you click outside of a hierarchy's sub-view, In Place Editing mode is disabled for the related service or sub-type.
  • If you click outside of a view while you have In Place Editing enabled for the top level service and for a hierarchy's sub-view, the system will prompt you twice to save any changes made while in In Place Editing mode (once per In Place Editing session).

About In Place Editing and Sub-Types

Many services in Aptify include sub-type listings that contain additional information about a particular record. See Using the Sub-Type Tab Listing for more information.

If a sub-type supports In Place Editing, the In Place Editing icon appears in the sub-type toolbar, as shown below. The procedure for editing records in place within a sub-type listing is the same as for editing records in place within a view. Note that any changes you make to the sub-type records are saved when you save and close the top level record.

In Place -Editing -Available for Sub-Type -Listing

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