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Sending a List View Record Link as an Email Attachment

Aptify includes a Send To option in a list view's right-click menu that can send a link to a system record as an email attachment.

Follow these steps:

  1. Select one or more records in the list view that you want to send to another Aptify user.
  2. Right-click within the view and select Send To > Mail Recipient from the context menu.

    Send To - Mail Recipient
  3. A new Outlook message opens that includes a set of APTFRM files that link to the records you selected in the view (one APTFRM file per record).

    Email -Message with Attachment
  4. The user completes the email message and specifies the recipients, who should be other internal users of the organization's Aptify system. When finished, the user sends the message.
  5. A recipient receives the message and double-clicks an APTFRM attachment.
  6. When prompted, the recipient enters login information to connect to the Aptify server.
  7. The specified record opens on the recipient's desktop.

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