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Enabling the FindRequiresFilter Attribute

By default, a user can use the Find dialog without any search criteria to display all records within a service. However, the system's response time may be slower than expected if there are a large number of records in the service. To improve system performance, an administrator can require users to enter at least one search filter before processing a find request.

To prevent users from running Find queries without any search criteria, you need to add the FindRequiresFilter attribute to the entity's. When set to 1, a user must provide a search filter. When set to 0 (and invalid value or if the attribute is not found on the entity), a user does not need to provide a search filter.  

Follow these steps to require users to provide at least one search filter through the FindRequiresFilter attribute:

  1. Open the entity you want to configure.
  2. Select the Configuration tab.
  3. Select the Attributes sub-tab.
  4. Click the New icon to create a new Entity Attributes sub-type record.
    • Or open the existing record for the FindRequiresFilter, if one already exists.
  5. Enter FindRequiresFilter in the Name field.
  6. Enter 1 in the Value field.
  7. Click OK and Save and Close the entity record.

After adding this attribute, Aptify displays the following message to users who attempt to run Find queries without specifying search criteria: The Find operation for the current entity requires at least one filter.

Recommendations for Requiring Filter Criteria

Aptify recommends that administrators enable this functionality for all entities that have a large number of records. This will prevent users from running queries that return an excessive number of results.

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