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Opening a Record from a List View

Views contain all the records that match a given set of criteria, similar to a report. Additionally, a list view is interactive and allows editing or viewing record details by simply opening a record in the view.

A Selected Record in a View
You can use one of the following methods to open a record from a view:

  • Double-click the desired record.
    • If your view includes a field that is linked to another service and you have the List View Hyperlink functionality enabled, double-clicking on a field that contains a hyperlink will open the record in the corresponding service as well as the record in the view. To open only the record in the view, make sure to double-click within a field that does not contain a hyperlink (or double-click the far left column of the row). See About the Link Box Field Type for more information about this feature.

  • Select the record in the view, click to display the context menu, and select Open Record icon.
  • Select the record in the view and click the Open Record icon in the View Toolbar.
    • This method opens only selected top-level records; it does not open related records or sub-type records displayed in hierarchies.

  • Select the record in the view and then select File > Open from the main menu on the Aptify desktop.

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