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Using the Report Wizard

While the Viewing system provides sophisticated capabilities to filter and sort data, it simply shows results in a tabular format. To provide a robust output, Aptify's Report wizard integrates with Crystal Reports, a reporting tool from Business Objects SA. Aptify has the ability to integrate with Microsoft SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS) reports.

With the Report wizard, a view can be output to almost any report format. The Report wizard can generate standard reports or mailing labels, export records to another format, print name badges, and more.

The Report wizard walks the user through the steps to generate reports. Although there are general types of reports that apply to all of the services, most reports are service-specific. The general reports in every service are the List, Detail, and Export reports. Export reports are often useful for selecting specific fields and records from the service and exporting them for use in other software applications. Other reports that are specific to a service are listed on various category tabs in the Report wizard. Aptify ships with several service-specific reports which may be modified or replaced as required. Contact the system administrator to add client-specific reports to a particular service.

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