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Troubleshooting Endpoints

This topic provides information on troubleshooting issues that you may encounter with Endpoints that may arise even after the configuration is setup correctly.

If an end point returns a 404 and no additional information, like a JSON response on the body, there was likely a problem during the startup process of services application.  Clear event viewer on the web server, restart the service application, and make the end point call again.  This will force services to start up and Aptify will log many messages to Event Viewer.  All messages are logged with the source ‘AptifyServicesMessage’.  The first message logged is ‘ServiceApplicationInformationCache.Init:  start’ and the last message logged is ‘Application_Start:  Finished’.  Everything in between is what happened during startup.  For example:

Every Service Application has one or more Controller Configuration Collection records for the metadata-based end points they want to run.  If you believe your configuration records are correct, you should see a few messages for the controller you are troubleshooting.  Here’s one of the messages for CheckConnection:

The work for each controller is bound by a ‘starting’ and ‘ending’ message and what gets logged in between is specific to that controller.  The most common error is from a missing assembly.  For example:

Here the log clearly states that the CheckConnection controller cannot be initialized, and we are missing the assembly Aptify.Services.Framework.Endpoints.CheckConnection.dll.  Get the missing assembly from the Object Repository and put it in your bin directory.  The error should resolve.  If it does not, refresh event viewer to see what the new problem is. 

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