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Performing a New Aptify Installation

The purpose of this topic is to provide links to the procedures that are performed as part of a new Aptify installation.

You must import license keys provided by Aptify before creating any user accounts. Each user must be assigned one or more license keys to connect to Aptify and access system functionality. See Licensing Aptify Products for details. 


Perform the following steps to do a new Aptify installation:

  1. Review the system requirements for the release of Aptify that you are installing:
  2. Installing Microsoft SQL Server
  3. Performing Aptify 5.0 Server Software Initial Install
  4. Performing the Initial Aptify Server Setup
  5. Installing a Second Aptify Server Instance (optional)
  6. Installing the Aptify Desktop Client
  7. Connecting to an Aptify Server Using the Desktop Client
  8. Licensing Aptify Products
  9. Running the Update Utility for U.S. ZIP Codes
  10. Updating your server to the appropriate release of Aptify:


At the conclusion of installing your new Aptify environment, we recommend that you consider enabling SQL Server snapshot isolation. Review the information in Enabling SQL Server Snapshot Isolation to determine whether enabling this function would improve your Aptify environment, and if needed, perform the steps to enable the function.

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