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When to Manually Generate Metadata

Typically, the Aptify metadata generators are triggered automatically when changes are made. For example, when creating a view or entity. However, there are occasions when the generators must be run manually. Below are some examples:

Starting with 5.5.5, many of the examples below can be automated. See Automating Metadata Generation for more details.


  • Form Templates and Form Templates Parts: Changes to form templates and parts require manual generation (by running the Generate HTML5 Web Form Template UI Part generator) unless there is also an entity change, which triggers the regeneration of the entity's form templates when generating the entity metadata.
  • Dashboards, Parts and Areas: Changes to dashboards, parts and areas require manual generation by running the Generate HTML5 Web Dashboard UI Parts generator.
  • UI Metadata Parts Changes: Changes to information stored in UI Part Metadata Items, like Currency Types, Product Types, Organizations, etc. require manual regeneration by running the Generate HTML5 Web UI Part MetaData generator.
  • Drop-Down Lists on Forms: When a drop-down contains a list of records from a related service, any newly added records are not automatically displayed when new records are added to the related service. In this case, the form template in which the drop-down appears must be regenerated by running the Generate HTML5 Web Entity Metadata generator for both the related entity and the entity in which the drop-down list appears.
  • Modifying Attributes: When modifying an attribute on an entity, you need to run the Generate HTML5 Web Entity Metadata generator.



    If you modify the attribute more than once within same Aptify Desktop session (that is, modify the value of the attribute, save the entity and then modify the value and save the entity again), you need to close and re-open the Aptify Desktop client after each modification and before running the metadata generator. 

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