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Save A GE Object

When you've made changes to a GE Object, you probably want to persist them to the database.

This How-To assumes you have already gone through the steps in Get A GE Object and are coding inside of a callback to Aptify.framework.genericEntity.getEntityObject(). It continues that example, assuming you have already defined personGE.

Step-by-step guide


  1. Save the GE Object using its saveRecord() method. This takes an object with the callback function as a property. The callback function gets an object with success status and any errors passed to it. Make sure you publish any exceptions that occur!

    Saving A GE Object
    	callBack: function (saveResult) {
    		if (!saveResult || !Aptify.framework.utility.parseBool(saveResult.success)) {
    			// Changes were not successfully saved to the database.
    			// Publish any error information given to us
    			if (saveResult) {
    			else {
    				Aptify.framework.exceptionManager.publish("No result was passed to saveRecord's callBack.");
    		// Else, the changes were successfully saved to the database.

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