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What is Aptify Product Knowledge?

Aptify Product Knowledge is the place to go for product documentation related to the entire suite of Aptify products. It also includes other resources (like the Aptify training schedule) as well as links to external references that will help you get the most out of your Aptify experience. The Aptify Product Knowledge site is a wiki-style knowledge base and the information is presented using topics. You can search across multiple functional areas and Aptify products for a particular topic or use the navigation bar on the left side to find your way through the topic structure to find the information you want.

With the introduction of the Aptify Product Knowledge site, guides (or minimal guides) will no longer be included with software release packages.  Users should plan to access the latest version of Aptify documentation through Aptify Product Knowledge.

What are the benefits of an online wiki-based knowledge base?

There are many benefits of delivering documentation in the online wiki-based format including:

  • Everything in One Place:  Need e-Business documentation? Got a question about Aptify Membership Renewal Best Practices? It is available, organized, and searchable through the Aptify Product Knowledge site.
  • Ability to Update Documents Quickly: Aptify Product Knowledge provides a channel for the Aptify Documentation team to update content between releases. For example, if a community member identifies a topic that needs clarifying, we can make the necessary changes to the topic, and post a new version to the site. Or, if there’s a typo in the Order Entry Guide (that never happens of course), we can correct and re-post the document between releases.
  • Search Across Functional Areas: You can search across functional areas without having to open multiple guides. This is similar to the search capability that is available in the Aptify Desktop help file, however much more powerful. You can search across products too. For example, searching on the term "Membership" will display information related to Aptify Web, Desktop, and e-Business.
  • Information is Presented Through Topics:  As we continue to convert more and more of Aptify's documentation into the wiki-based format (from the PDF book format), we will be revamping our delivery approach whenever possible so that information is presented as topics that focus on a specific concept. This will allow you to easily drill-down to the topic you are looking for.

How is information currently available and what is the plan going forward?

Currently, most of the documentation that is available through the Aptify Product Knowledge site is in the traditional PDF book format. Documentation in the PDF book format is identified with a PDF logo ( ) next to the link. However, there are several documents that have already been converted to the wiki-based format. Aptify's goal is to move all 5.5 and higher documentation (user guides, install guides, etc.) to the wiki-based format.  We are currently converting and will replace the PDF guides with wiki-based documentation as they become available. In addition, all new documentation will be delivered using the wiki-based approach. 



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