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Managing the Improved Meeting Registration Process in e-Business

Beginning with e-Business 5.5.1, Aptify introduces an improved Meeting Registration Process. Updates to the Meeting Registration Process are designed to provide better functionality, ease of use, and a more intuitive process-flow. Some of the updates included with this release of e-Business are:

  • Improved process flow validation to ensure that required details are populated as-needed and dialogs or errors contain better details
  • Creation of a My Meetings page to display user-specific information about meetings
  • Telerik grid controls that enable filtering, sorting, and search functionality
  • Ability to select different sessions for different attendees during meeting registration
  • Social Networking capabilities to share meeting information
  • Ratings feature for Meetings and Sessions

This topic provides a more detailed look at the Meeting Registration Process and the features available. The sub-topics in this topic are:

For additional information on the Meetings Service, see Using Meeting and Housing Management.

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