Frequently Asked Questions - Aptify Mobile (Staff App)

What version of Aptify Web do I need to use Aptify Mobile (Staff App)?

Available for Aptify 5.5.4 or higher version (with Aptify Web Services running and available over the internet). No back-end set up required for version Aptify 5.5.5 or higher.

  • Manual updates may be required if Aptify is on SQL Server 2008 R2 or earlier
  • Easy one time registration needed for the organization to use it 

What mobile devices and mobile OS versions does the app support?

The app is available on the Apple app store for iPhone and iPad as well as the Google Play store for Android Phone.

Is there any documentation on configuring the app?

We do not recommend configuring the app and we do not currently provide documentation for configuring the app. There are some pieces of configuration that we permit and documentation of those is/will be available through these FAQs.

What view types are supported on the mobile app?

List View and Card View are supported on the mobile app. Prompted views are not supported either.

Which views show up for a User on the mobile app?

For users to have their view show on the mobile app, they have to meet these criteria:

  • The view name needs to be prefixed with the e.g. The view name should be something like 'Mobile - Members in VA', 'Mobile - Orders with Balance'
  • Only List views and Card views are supported (no prompted views).
  • Only views owned by the user that meets the above requirement will show on the mobile app. 

How can I configure which views show up for the users?

We do not recommend modifying the criteria that decides which view will show up for a user on the mobile app. If you want to make this change and then maintain it yourself, then you can change the criteria.

There is a view of views 'View For Mobile' owned by 'sa', which decides the views that show up on mobile app. There are currently three filters for 'Name', 'Owner', and 'View Type', on that view, The filters can be changed to show different views.

Changing this view is not a supported change and should be tried at your own risk. Please keep a backlog/note of changes that you make, so that they can be re-applied if they are wiped/changed by the upgrade.

How can I configure what shows up higher on the Dashboard?

Each of the button/area/Tiles on the dashboard can be ranked higher of lower to decide which one shows at the top and which one shows at the bottom. e.g. Opportunities is ranked 1 by default, but it might not be an important area for your organization. You can change its ranking to a lower number and change ranking of CRM or some other area to 1. This will change the order in which they show up on the app dashboard.

How can I change the summary data that shows up on large tiles on the dashboard?

There are two type of tiles that we support on the dashboard, 'Full' and 'List'. 'Full' takes up the full area and can show summary information on the dashboard, e.g. CRM, Opportunity. 'List' type modules or tiles are only buttons and do not have additional summary information on the dashboard. To change summary data for the 'Full' tiles, here are the steps:

  1. Open the 'Aptify Mobile Module' service from 'Framework' application
  2. Open the 'Aptify Mobile Module' record for a module that has a type 'Full'
  3. Identify the stored procedure under the field 'spName For Full'
  4. You can modify this stored procedure to match your needs.

Please keep a backlog/note of changes that you make, so that they can be re-applied if they are wiped/changed by the upgrade.

Additional Info:

For the Opportunities - spGetOpportunitiesCountByProperty
For the CRM - spGetCRMMemberCount
For the CRM landing page - spGetCRMLandingPageCounts
For Event - spGetEventsTileData
For Event landing page - spGetEventsRegistrationCounts

What all modules are currently supported on Aptify Mobile App?

Aptify mobile app has functionality around Persons, Companies, Meetings, Opportunities, Contact Logs, Tasks, and Views. It does not support full modules but only addresses the use cases that are valid when working out of pocket.