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  1. Right-click a service in the Navigation Bar (or the Folder List) and select New Record from the pop-up menu to open a blank record.
    • These steps assume that you or your administrator have not previously configured the Record Templates preferences for your Aptify user.
    • If you or your administrator have previously configured the Record Templates preferences for your user, the Record Template selection dialog may appear or an existing Record Template may load automatically.

  2. Complete the fields that you want to define in the template.
    • For example, if you are creating a template for a Topic Codes sub-category that is should be linked to certain entities, enter the parent topic code in the Parent field and enter the related entities on the Topic Code Entities tab.

  3. Select the Save as Template icon from the Data Control Bar.
    Save As -Template -Context Menu Option
  4. On the Save Template dialog, enter the name of the template in the Name field. In addition, you can enter a Description (optional).
  5. Create or select a template category from the Category drop-down list.
    • This field displays the records stored in the Entity Record Template Categories service.
    • Each category for a specific service appears as a tab heading in the Select A Record Template... dialog.
    • Follow these steps to create a new category for your template:
        • Click the New button next to the Category field to open the New Template Category dialog.
        • Enter a name for the new category in the field provided and click OK.


    The system automatically crates creates a new Entity Record Template Categories record

    Save Template Dialog

  6. Click OK to save the template.
    • The new template will now appear in the Select A Record Template dialog so you can use it as the basis for creating new records.