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  • If you are running one or more instances of an Aptify application server, you will need to run the Object Repository Synchronizer utility to update the application server's Program Files folder so it has the latest Aptify objects. The Object Repository Synchronizer is included in the service pack's Utilities folder. See Configuring Multiple Instances of the Aptify Asynchronous Processor for more information about running more than one instance of the Application Server.

  • If you are running eBusiness Classic with Aptify 6.1, download the EBusinessShoppingCart assembly of version from Object Repository and paste it in eBusiness Classic bin. See Downloading an Object or Object Package Using the Dashboard for more information.
  • Aptify Web now calls the Views service on every page change in the entity list view. Customers with view that load slowly will now see this slowness on every page change. It is recommended that these views be optimized using SSMS (or another query optimizer tool) when upgrading to improve the performance of the view SQL.
  • Run the U.S. zip code update utility on your Aptify server. See Running the Update Utility for U.S. ZIP Codes.
  • Check in the API bin folder for the ConfigManifestForm.dll file. If the file is available, delete it. This file may exist on systems that have gone through a major version upgrade. This file is not required by Aptify SOA or Aptify Web – it should be removed from the AptifyServicesAPI bin folder if it exists since it will force your app pool to run in 32-bit mode (without this file, your AptifyServicesAPI app pool can run in 64-bit mode).

  • After Aptify 6.1 setup is installed, SSRS reports will be activated by default and crystal reports will be inactivated.

    In case, we want to activate Crystal Reports:

    1.  For particular entity:
          Go to Framework->Open the respective Entity-> Select Report tab and set Status to “Active’’

    2. For all crystal reports, run the below script on your database:
          UPDATE Reports
          SET STATUS = 'Active'
          WHERE ReportFormat = 'Crystal Report'