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About the Bulk Order Products Form

Bulk Order Products records specify the products that are added to orders generated by a Bulk Order process.

Bulk Order Products Record

Comments Tab

Optional comments concerning this record. All comments from the original order will flow into a cancellation order or a cloned order.

General Tab

Product (required)

The product to add to the orders generated by the bulk order process. This field links to the Products service.

Default Quantity

The default quantity for the product to add to generated orders. This can be overridden for particular Bulk Order Customers as needed (see About the Bulk Order Product Overrides Form).

Override Price

When checked, the price specified in the Price field is used on the generated order. When unchecked, the system automatically determines the appropriate price based on the Product's available prices and the characteristics of the order.


The price to charge per unit of the specified product. This field is only applicable when Override Price is selected.

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