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About the Product Inventory Ledger Form

The Product Inventory Ledger record connects the product to an inventory location. It also tracks all the inventory activity for the product at that inventory location.

Product Inventory Ledger Record

Top Panel

Product (Required)

The name of the product this Product Inventory Ledger record tracks. This field links to the Products service.

Inventory Location (Required)

The Inventory Location field contains the name of the inventory location. This field links to the Inventory Locations service.


The Comments field contains any additional details relevant to the Product Inventory Ledger record.

Attachments Tab

The Attachments tab lists any files relevant to the Product Inventory Ledger record.

Product Inventory Ledger Details Tab

Quantity On Hand (read-only)

This field displays how many units of this product are currently in the storage location. Units are included in this figure whether or not they have been reserved for sale.

Quantity Available (read-only)

This field displays the total number of units on hand minus the number of units ordered (reserved) but not yet shipped. This is the number of units currently available for sale.

Quantity Reserved (read-only)

This field displays the total number of units that have been sold but not yet shipped to a customer. These units are typically still physically in the organization's warehouse, but have already been sold to a customer and are waiting to be shipped.

Quantity Shipped (read-only)

This field displays the total number of units of a product that have been shipped from the specified inventory location.

Quantity Balance (read-only)

This displays the total product quantity that has been added to inventory for this location, less any units that have been shipped and batched. The value in this field is the same as the value of the Quantity Balance field in the most recent Product Inventory Ledger Entries record.

Product Inventory Ledger Entries Tab

This tab displays all the inventory transactions for this Product Inventory Ledger record.

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