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About the Product Setup and Maintenance Forms

This topic provides field-by-field information on every form used when setting up and administering products and publications. It is intended for use as a reference for the various fields on the forms associated with the services found in the Product Setup and Maintenance, Inventory Management, and Publication Management applications.

This topic documents the forms in alphabetical order. Within each form, tabs are also addressed in alphabetical order.

Note that the fields marked as Required in this topic are required at the entity level. In some cases, a required field may already have a default value so a user does not need to specify a value for these fields before saving the record. To review the list of fields required at the entity level, open the appropriate Service Properties dialog (by right-clicking the service in the Navigation Bar and selecting Properties) and click the Fields tab.

This topic contains sub-topics for the following forms:

Note that the form for certain services are documented in other topics. Refer to the following links for information on these service's forms:

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