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Marking Returned Goods as Damaged (Not Returned to Stock)

Damaged goods are products that are returned in non-salable condition. Usually, these goods are either scrapped or returned to the original manufacturer or wholesaler. Depending upon an organization's policy, customers returning damaged goods receive a full refund, or they receive partial or full credit towards a future purchase.

You must mark the items on a particular order line as Not Returned to Stock prior to saving a cancellation order as Shipped. Once shipped, you can no longer modify an order's order line details. Aptify does not add the units marked as Not Returned to Stock back to available inventory when the cancellation order is marked as Shipped.

Follow these steps to indicate that the items on a particular order line are damaged and should not be returned to the product's inventory:

  1. Run the Order Cancellation wizard or manually create a cancellation order to cancel an existing shipped order.
  2. Open the cancellation order, if not already opened.
  3. Identify the order line whose items are not to be returned to stock, and double-click the far left column for this order line.
    • This opens the Order Line Details form.

      Open Order Line Details
  4. In the Order Line Details form, click the General tab.
  5. Select the Not Returned to Stock option.

    Not Returned to Stock Option
  6. Click OK.
  7. Make any other changes needed to the cancellation order.
  8. Save the order.
  9. If the cancellation order is complete, change the Order Status to Shipped and saved the order.
    • If an item that has tracked inventory is returned with Not Returned To Stock checked, Aptify does not return these units to product inventory.

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