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Creating New Companies Record through the Membership Enrollment Wizard

The Membership Enrollment wizard provides the ability to create a new record for a company that does not pre-exist in the system prior to ordering a membership product.

If the membership order is being placed for a new company (New Company is selected as Company Mode), the Company Information page will display. Enter the following information:

See Creating a Companies Record for more information about adding new companies to the Aptify system.


  1. In the Company Name field, enter the company name.
  2. In the Company Type field, select the company type from the Company Type drop-down.
  3. In the Company Address field, enter an address for the company.
    • You can only specify the Street address for the company through the Wizard. You can specify other addresses such as a Billing Address and PO Box Address, for the company once the Companies record is created. See Creating a Companies Record for details.
  4. In the Company Credit Information section, enter the following:
    1. Specify the Preferred Currency for new orders placed on behalf of this company.
    2. Specify the currency in which order credit is expressed in the Credit Currency field.
    3. Specify the company's Credit Status with the organization and the company's Credit Limit (expressed in the Credit Currency), if it has approved credit.
    4. Specify a set of general ledger (GL) accounts to use for orders (GL Order Level) and payments (GL Payment Level) involving this company.

  5. In the Main Phone Number field, enter the phone number for the company.

Membership Enrollment Wizard - New Company Information

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