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Creating a Companies Record

The following steps describe how to add a new company to Aptify:

  1. Open a new record from the Companies service.
    • The Companies service is located under the Customer Management application.

  2. Enter the company name in the Name field.
  3. If this company is a subsidiary or division of another company already in Aptify, enter the parent company in the Parent field.
  4. Select the company type from the Company Type drop-down.
  5. Specify the employee who is the primary contact for this company in the Account Manager field, if desired.
  6. Under the Contact tab, specify one or more addresses for the company.
    • You can specify a separate Street Address, Billing Address and P.O. Box Address for the company by selecting an address type from the drop-down menu. You can also add more addresses, as needed. See Adding New Addresses and Phone Numbers.
    • If your organization has integrated a third-party address verification system, such as Melissa Data, you can click the Verify Address Against Postal Database button to check the accuracy of the address you entered. For more information see Integrating With Third-Party Address Verification Systems.
    • You can also set when a particular address should be used as the company's default address within the Address Default Settings dialog. For more information see Setup Address Type, Default Addresses, and Date Ranges.

  7. Enter the Phone number and Fax number for the company.
    • You can toggle between the two numbers by selecting the appropriate phone type from the drop-down menu. For more information see Using the Phone Number Toolbar.

  8. Specify the company's Main Email, Info Email, and Jobs Email addresses using the Email address drop-down menu.

  9. Specify the company's website URL in the website field. 
    New -Companies Record
  10. Click the Details tab and select the Organization sub-tab.

  11. Specify information about the company in the fields provided, including:
    •  Company's Credit Status with the organization and the company's Credit Limit (expressed in the Credit Currency), if it has approved credit.
      • These fields are used by the Order Entry system to determine if a company can make a partial initial payment or pay for an order on account using a -purchase order. See Specifying an Initial Payment for more information.

    • Company's Order Level and Payment Level to specify a set of general ledger (GL) accounts to use for orders and payments involving this company.
    • Company's Preferred Currency. The system automatically uses the specified currency for new orders placed on behalf of this company. See About Multi-Currency Support for more information.

    • If known, enter the Directory SortAbbreviated Name, and Dir Letter in the fields provided. Otherwise, leave these fields blank to allow Aptify to complete them automatically.
      • Directory Sort: This field displays the company's name for the purpose of sorting the company in a directory. Aptify automatically populates this field with the company name when you save a new Companies record or modify the name of an existing company.

      • Abbreviated Name: An abbreviation used to refer to the company. By default, Aptify automatically populates this field using the first letter in each word within the company's name when you save a new Companies record or update the company name for an existing record.

      • Dir Letter: The first letter of the company name used to group companies by letter in a directory. By default, Aptify automatically populates this field using the first letter in the first word within the company's name when you save a new Companies record or update the company name for an existing record.

      • Note that if you enter a value into one of these fields, Aptify will not overwrite the value you specified when you save the record or subsequently modify the company name.

      • Note to Administrators: This functionality is driven by a BeforeSave Event Handler linked to the Companies service. To disable this feature, you can mark the corresponding Event Handler as inactive. See Managing Process Pipelines and Setting Up Event Handlers for information on Process Flows and Event Handlers.

    See Organization Sub-Tab for information about the other fields found on this tab.

  12. If multiple employees at the organization interact with this company, click the Account Managers sub-tab and create Account Managers records for these employees.
  13. If you want to specify a relationship between this company and another company in the system, click the Relationships sub-tab and create a Company Relationships record.
  14. If this company is exempt from sales tax in certain jurisdictions, select the Tax Exempt sub-tab and create Company Tax Exempt Codes records as necessary. 
  15. If desired, select the Product Codes sub-tab and specify the industries in which this company operates. 
  16. If the organization stores payment information for the company that can be applied to orders in the future, click the Saved Payment Methods sub-tab and create records as necessary.
  17. Select the Membership tab and configure the company's membership information as necessary. 
  18. To add optional comments about the company, select the Comments tab and enter the desired information.

  19. Save the record.

If your organization has enabled a duplicate check object for Companies, you may be prompted that the record already exists in the database. 

See Enabling the Duplicate Record Check for a Service for information on the types of duplicate records that can be identified.

See Sample Duplicate Check Objects for information on a sample Companies duplicate check object provided by Aptify


  • Aptify automatically populates the Directory Sort, Abbreviated Name, and Dir Letter fields based on the company name you entered, as illustrated below for a company named A1 Products International.

Company Directory Details

The following additional tabs become available:

  • Details > Lists: This sub-tab displays the Aptify lists of which this company is a member. A user can display all of the applicable lists, only those that are system-generated (typically automatically generated when a user runs a report), or only those that were created by a user (non-system lists).

  • Details > Topic Codes: If the company has associated topic codes, the topic codes can be found on this sub-tab. For more information see Managing Topic Codes.

  • Details > Divisions/Subsidiaries: If this company is a parent for one or more Companies records, those child records are listed on this sub-tab.

  • Persons: This tab lists all persons associated with the company record. See Adding Persons to Companies Records.

  • Divisions: This tab displays a hierarchical view of the company, its related companies, and the people at those companies. The browser displays the top-level company and its subsidiaries on the left-hand side of the tab and the persons at the selected company appear on the right-hand side of the tab. For more information see Tracking Subsidiaries and Parent Companies.

  • Contact Log: The tab displays the Incomplete and Complete contacts that the organization has had with this company. The items displayed on this tab correspond to Contact Log records.

  • Orders: This tab displays a list of all orders associated with the company. For more information see Viewing Company Order Totals and Dollar Values.

  • Subscriptions: This tab lists all of the company's subscriptions.

  • Committees: This tab displays the committees of which persons associated with this company are members.

  • Analysis: This tab displays reports associated with the current company.

  • Attachments: This is the standard Attachments tab that is available on most Aptify records.

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