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Note Concerning Installation With A Local Trusted User

The standard Aptify LMS installation uses a domain user to communicate between the Aptify e-Business web server (where LMS will be installed) and the Aptify database server. However, if your e-Business site is running in a DMZ and you are unable to specify a domain user, we recommend installing as a local administrative user. Note that in this type of install, a local administrative user with matching user name and password must exist on both the web server and the database server. The same user that is already running the Aptify e-Business site can be used. In this scenario, select the local user on the web server to run the Aptify LMS application pool as the LMS User Name when installing the web server components (for example, if the web server's machine name is webserver, webserver/LMSuser or webserver/ebizuser) and select the equivalent local user that exists on the database server as the Database User Name when installing the database components (for example, if the Database server's machine name is server, server/LMSuser or server/ebizuser). Note that the passwords for both users must be the same.


If you have questions about installing Aptify LMS in the scenario above, please contact Aptify Technical Support or your Aptify Consultant

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